Yellow ERD V1.0.8 Released!

Yellow ERD is an intuitive database modeling tool that will facilitate your work process

Meet the new ERD design tool!

Quick editing of entity design

Yellow ERD entity editor is a handy software that requires no more than your keyboard. This software provides 2 types of entity editors: One that changes data on the column of the entity and the one that changes data on the editor window.

Mass-Datatype change in columns

Yellow ERD provides a functionality to change a large number of data types at once through the column changer, which is kinds of very useful. You can change data at once with it by adding your preferred data types.

Simple editing of relationship line position.

You can move lines using the four points assigned to each line. It is both intuitive and easy to modify it.

Adding batch column header

We have found the work efficiency of programming would be improved dramatically by adding the same header to the name of columns. So we added a kind of handy feature adding bulk column headers to each tables as needed.

Theme editor

We have a special feature so called Theme changer and it allows you to change the theme as you like. There are two themes prepared in default and it would be set depending on users. The one is dark background and the other is light one. Or users are able to customize it as preferred with Theme changer.

And more..

Yellow ERD continues to deviate from the limits of database design tools and continues to add a variety of features for developers.
Enjoy the features of Yellow ERD with the free trial version!